Siri Shiva

Siri Shiva S. Yogiji, is a dedicated yogi and teacher, multidisciplinary artist, healer and author. Founder of the The Ahava Way and creator of the Ahava Yoga method, Siri Shiva began studying yoga in 1993 and has passionately taught the Art & Science of yoga and self-awareness for over 15 years.

“My personal path has been one of syncretism, embraces all spiritual paths that lead the seeker to a life of compassionate action.”

Educated in Hatha yoga and certified in Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan with certifications in Personal Trainer, Reiki and Reconnective Healing, Siri Shiva has studied with spiritual teachers & masters from around the world including; Rev. Michael Beckwith, Tej Kaur Khalsa, Leeann Carey, Govinda, Gurmukh Khalsa and Master Sunim. He has taught and lectured on yoga, meditation and other mind-body topics in scores of venues.

The Story

“My path has been one of  syncretism and I allow it all to inform my teaching and my art. My childhood up until college was spent as a musician. Yoga found me when I was 15 years old, hours after school were spent in my room practicing with an Iyengar Yoga book. The flexibility and body control gain from practice created the space for a competitive gymnastics career. This combined with a background in pageantry open the doors to a professional dancing/entertainment career. A knee injury that would later require surgery brought a new dimension to my practice. It was when yoga became a tool for regeneration and recovery that the next “right” thing for me to do was share this technology through teaching it.” ~Siri Shiva S. Yogiji

Siri Shiva’s professional career includes productions like Disney’s Broadway hit musical The Lion King in Los Angeles, directed by Julie Taymor, winner of two Tony Awards, Black Nativity by Langston Hughes in Chicago’s Goodman theater and Eurovision Song Contest.

Featured in YogaWorks’ DVD series, his yoga teaching experience spans from working with children and stay-at-home moms to high profile executives, celebrity clientele and being hired to consult clients internationally. He continues to appear in films, television, and videos while teaching yoga, facilitating Ahava Yoga Teacher Trainings throughout the United States, Latin America, Europe and Asia and continues to consult clients in lifestyle management.

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