The Ahava Way

The Ahava Way is a holistic mind/body system designed to develop well-being from the inside out. As part of our practice we teach yoga asana (postures) for creating strength and flexibility in the body to prepare it to be able to sit for extended periods of time and meditate. Yoga asana and fitness programs have been implemented as well as a nourishment program to support aspirants on their journey. At the core of the program is a meditation practice built on the tenet as we turn our awareness inward that which is seeking to express itself uniquely as you will be discovered, revealed and nurtured into full self-expression.

The result… less stress, more enjoyable moments and more connection to friends, family and our surroundings.


Ahava Yoga is a integral practice, and one of the three components that create the Ahava Way. Our goal is self-development and the evolution of consciousness, increased strengthened and flexibility are results but not our focus. The practice integrates the ancient wisdom of Tantric teachings with traditional hatha yoga postures, it is a dynamic blend of movement, stretching, breathing, meditation, chanting and relaxation.

200-Hour Teacher Certification

300-Hour Teacher Certification

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